Self-propelled lifter for round bales

Rear bale loader

Wrapped bale mover

Traverse round baler

Round baler

Fork for normal and wrapped round bales

Fork for prismatic bales

Liftter for round bales and boxes

Pliable bale fork whit three points

Grader with simple/double joint

Rear dumper balanced loading shovel

Grader three point coupling

Snow grader

Hydraulic rear lifter 4 mechanisms

Sewage mixer

Manure spreader crane

Rotating crane

Rotating crane for wood

Crane for breeders and farmers

Wagon load with two inox steel tanks for grape harvest

Wagon load whit one tank for grape harvest

  Lifter for grape transportation

Steel tank for grape harvest

Forage handling and manure fork

Fork for fieldstones

Bed for irrigation pump